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Хобби знаменитых людей

Famous People’s Hobbies.

Хобби знаменитых  людей.

(Урок английского языка в 5 классе)

So many people so many hobbies.


Якушина С.Н.

учитель английского языка,

высшая категория

ЧОУ гимназия «Томь»


Цель урока:

к концу урока учащиеся смогут сделать вывод о важной роли  хобби в жизни человека, познакомятся с новым видом чтения.


Задачи урока:


1.      активизировать изученную лексику;

2.      тренировать монологическое высказывание с опорой на лексику;

3.      вводить и активизировать новые лексические единицы;

4.      практиковать новый прием чтения “jig-saw reading”.


1.      воспитывать культуру общения в коллективной деятельности;


1.      развивать познавательную активность;

2.      развивать коммуникативные навыки;

3.      развивать мышление, творческую фантазию;


Оформление к уроку, наглядный материал: компьютерная презентация, карточки с новыми словами на доске, раздаточный материал с заданиями, тематические картинки и фотографии, выставка с предметами, отражающими разные хобби, например: небольшая коллекция монет, кляссер с марками различной тематики, матерчатые куклы, сделанные своими руками, поздравительная дизайнерская открытка, «Волшебный мешочек» с разными тематическими предметами для лексической игры на уроке.


Формы работы: индивидуальная, фронтальная, парная, групповая;


Подготовка к уроку: Накануне в классе прошел урок литературы и закрытый показ фильма «Чучело», режиссера Ролана Быкова. Ребята познакомились с биографией и  творчеством Ролана Быкова.


Ход урока:


1.      Organizing moment.


 Teacher: Good morning my dear girls and boys. Good morning our guests. Glad to see you. Today we are going to speak about hobbies in general and about hobbies of famous people too.  And what is a hobby? Have you got any hobby? What is your hobby?

Pupils give their answers.

Teacher: By the end of the lesson you should answer some questions. Here they are.

      What role does a hobby play in our life? What do people have hobbies for?


2.      Division into groups.

Teacher: I give you some jumbled pictures. You should join pieces of paper together to get the whole picture and find your partner. You have four pictures for four groups.

(Учащиеся делятся на группы путем составления разрезанной картинки).


3. New Vocabulary.

Teacher: Have a look at the blackboard, please. Here you see some new words and phrases.

Let’s read and repeat them together.

Pupils repeat new words several times.


rebellious- непослушный

to perform-представлять, выступать

stage- сцена

appearance- появление

influence- влияние

audience-зрители, публика

relationships- взаимоотношения


lie- ложь


4. Jig-saw reading.

Teacher: Each group has one passage of the text. You should read it and be ready to tell pupils from the other groups what it is about.

Pupils read their passages on the cards. (Рисунок 1)


5.      Speaking.

Teacher: I give you two minutes to prepare a short report about your part of the text.

One pupil from each group tells everybody the content of the passage.


Teacher: Now try to put all the passages into logical order. Which passage is the first? Which is the second one?  Etc…

Pupils give the answers.


6. Reading.

Teacher: And now you are to read the whole text. (Teacher delivers handouts with the whole text).

 Pupils read the text.


So Many People, So Many Hobbies.

Do you know what a hobby is? A hobby is what you like to do in your spare time. Hobbies differ like tastes. The most popular hobbies are collecting things, photography, playing musical instruments, computer games, drawing, listening to music, dancing, doing sports and others.

Nowadays many new hobbies have appeared. A lot of people are fond of hunting, but not with guns. They enjoy “hunting” the sea animals and fish with a camera. Some people really enjoy diving. Do you know, gardening and growing flowers, especially roses, is the most common hobby among Englishmen? Very often hobbies help you choose your future profession.

Rolan Antonovich  Bykov was born in 1929 in a  family of an  officer  and an actress of the theatre. Rolan was a very rebellious boy at his young age. Rolan loved theatre as much as his mother did. “I came onto the stage when I was four years old for the first time and I have never

left it since then”, Rolan said. He wanted to become a poet, a writer; he liked to perform on the stage in his childhood.

He had big roles and small parts but his each appearance on the screen had a great influence on the audience. One of his best works was the film “Chuchelo” in 1984. It was a film about teenagers and their relationships, about truth and lie.

            What are you interested in?


7. Task for the text.

Teacher: Now you should agree or disagree with the following statements. If you disagree, then give the right answer. Let’s work in pairs. Change your partners.


True-False statements.

1.      The most popular hobbies nowadays are collecting things, taking pictures, playing musical instruments, computer games, drawing, listening to music and others.

2.      People enjoy hunting with a gun.

3.      The most common hobby among Englishmen is swimming.

4.      Rolan Bykov loved theatre as much as his father did.

5.      Rolan Antonovich was a great actor; he created a lot of fantastic characters in his career.

6.      His best film “Chuchelo” was appeared in 1998.


Tag Questions.

Complete the questions.

1.      A hobby is what you like to do in your spare time,  … ?

2.      A lot of people like gardening very much, …?

3.      Some people are fond of diving, …?

4.      Nowadays many new hobbies have appeared, ..?

5.      Hobbies differ like tastes, …?


8. Musical pause.  Singing a song. “What Do You Do Every Day?”  В качестве музыкальной паузы и физкультминутки звучит песня на диске к разделу «Хобби»; Учебник “Oxford Team 1”  под редакцией Norman Whitney, Lindsay White; Oxford University Press

Pupils sing the song together.


You don’t go to the movies.

You don’t play basketball.

You don’t talk in lessons.

You don’t talk to me at all.

So what do you do?

What do you do?

Where do you go every day?

I don’t see you in the street

Or in the café.

You don’t come to the beach

In sunny weather.

So what do you do?

What do you do every day?


9. Matching description of famous people’s hobbies and their names.

Teacher: Now you are to match the description of the famous person’s hobby and his\her name. Then you check your version with the help of presentation. Work in the same groups again. (Descriptions and names are on different cards). (Демонстрируются слайды).  

Pupils read and do the matching.


1. He played everywhere- on the screen, on the stage and in business.  He played more than a hundred roles in his career, and created some beautiful films as a director. He was awarded by lots of different rewards and titles. He knew that he was a great actor but he didn’t like when other people told him about it. He became one of the most favourite actors in our country.

1.      In his childhood he was fond of playing football, tennis, swimming, doing gymnastics. But he really enjoyed playing chess. He could play this game at the age of five. He liked watching his parents playing chess for hours. His father loved this old game very much and decided to choose it for his son as a future profession.

2.      He was “a soul of the drawing country”. He was born in 1927 in Moscow. He was good at drawing. This hobby and his “light-minded” surname led him to the studio where he began to create animated cartoons. Both grown-ups and children love his characters The Hare and The Wolf.

3.      She was born in September 1949 in a family of an officer in Moscow. She didn’t have strong health in her childhood. So her parents took her to the skating rink. The girl was talented and hard-working. Very soon she won a serious competition.


A. Garry Kasparov;  B. Rolan Bykov;  C. Irina Rodnina;  D. Vyacheslav Kotenochkin;


10.  Game “Magic Bag”.

(Phrases for the game are on the board).

to be interested in (V-ing\N)

really enjoy (V-ing\N)

to be fond of (V-ing)

to be good at (V-ing\N)

to hate (V-ing\N)

I think (V-ing) is a waste of time.

I’d like to know more about …  .

to be keen on (V-ing)


Teacher: Let’s play game “Magic Bag”. Take an object from the bag, show it, name the hobby and make some sentences with the phrases.

(В «Волшебном мешочке» находятся модели игрушечных машин, игрушечная скрипка, шахматная фигура, значок, монета, марка, маленькая книга, билет в кино, CD диск (музыкальный), MP3 плеер с наушниками, набор цветных карандашей, игрушечный футбольный мяч).

Pupils take an object and make a sentence with the phrase. (Рисунок 2)

 Example: playing chess; I really enjoy playing chess. My father and I usually play chess in the evening.


11. Home Research. Speaking.

Teacher: At home you have made a mini research about your parents’ hobbies when they were children. What were their hobbies?

Pupils tell everybody about their parents’ hobbies, using some objects from the exhibition in the class, photos or other things.

(Примерный ответ)  Liza Kartashova: When my mother was a young girl she really enjoyed dancing and my father liked to play hockey very much.


12.  Making conclusion.

Teacher: Now it’s time to finish our lesson and make a conclusion. There are two questions, be ready to answer them. Our text can help you.

 What role does a hobby play in our life? What do people have hobbies for?

Pupils give their answers. (Примерные ответы).

P1. Hobby plays a great role in our life.

P2.  I think hobbies differ like tastes.

P3. To my mind so many people so many hobbies.

P4. In my opinion you are lucky if you have a hobby.

P5. I believe that your life becomes more interesting if you have a hobby.

P6. My mother says: «Very often hobbies help you choose your future profession”. I agree with her.


13. Reflection. Drawing.

Teacher: I give you a picture with a funny creature. But it’s without a mouth.  Draw it a mouth, please. It’ll show your mood.


14. Home task.   Do a crossword puzzle on the topic “Hobbies” with a key word.


Thank you everybody. Good Luck!