Руководство. Педагогический состав


Сценарий новогодней сказки на английском языке  

“When Christmas comes”  







A Girl  is sitting in am armchair and reading a book of fairy-tales.

Her mother calls her.


Mother: Stop reading books, dear, Christmas is coming. Help me to lay the table, please.


Girl: Just a moment, Mum. It’s my favourite tale. I wish I were there in the fairy-tale.

Music. Lights go down.

Christmas carol “Holy night”.

Silent night,
Holy night,
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child,
Holy infant so tender and mild.
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace.

In the forest. (slide “Winter Forest”)

The Girl  is looking around her with great interest.


Girl: Where am I? I can’t believe my eyes. Is it a fairy-tale? Oh, it’s cold here. Where shall I go?

A white rabbit appears on the stage. He is in a hurry. He is looking at his watch and taking it in and out of his waistcoat.


Rabbit: Oh, dear, oh dear! I’ll be too late!


Girl: What? A rabbit with a pocket and a watch in it? Of course, I’m in a tale. Who has ever seen a rabbit with a watch?

Children on the other side of the stage:

  1. A cat went to town to buy a hat.
    What? A cat with a hat? A hat for a cat?
    Who’s ever seen a cat in a hat?
  2. A cock went to town to buy a clock.
    What? A cock with a clock? A clock for a cock?
    Who’s ever seen a cock with a clock?
  3. A bear went to town to buy a chair.
    What? A bear with a chair? A chair for a bear?
    Who’s ever seen a bear with a chair?
  4. A dog went to town to buy a log?
    What? A dog with a log? A log for a dog?
    Who’s ever seen a dog with a log?
  5. An owl went to town to buy a towel.
    What? An owl with a towel? A towel for an owl?
    Who’s ever seen an owl with a towel?
  6. A hen went to town to buy a pen.
    What? A hen with a pen? A pen for a hen? 
    Who’s ever seen a hen with a pen?


Girl: Mister Rabbit, wait for me, please! 

 Lights go down.

Queen’s palace. (slide “Palace”)

The Queen is sitting at the desk. There is a blackboard near the desk. Rabbit comes through the gates and runs into the palace. The Girl enters and hides nearby.


Rabbit: Good evening, Your Majesty! I am on time (bows). Let’s start our lesson. May I ask you to write down four irregular verbs?


Queen: All right. Dictate!




Chancellor comes.


Chancellor: Good evening, Your Majesty! May I ask you to put Your signature? To four edicts only.


Queen: Write! Well! But then I won’t write – begin-began-begun. Give me your papers!


Chancellor: Thank you very much, Your Majesty!    


Queen: And what shall I write?


Chancellor: Either “execute” or “forgiveness”.


Queen (counts): E-xe-cu-te, for-gi-ve-ness. I’ll write “execute” – it is shorter.

The Girl comes out:


Girl: Stop it! What have you written?


Queen: Who are you? How dare you speak to me like this? I am your Queen.


Girl: You executed a person and didn’t think about him!


Queen: But I can’t write and think at the same time!


Girl: It isn’t necessary. First you should think and then you should write.


Queen: If I do that, I’ll think and think and think and then I’ll go mad.


Girl: Nonsense! And besides, you are not my Queen. I am not from here. I am from Kakadu.


Queen: Kakadu? Where is it? Oh, I know, your people live on the other side of the Earth and they walk with their heads downward.


Girl: Do you study at school? You don’t know Geography at all.


Queen: Why should I know it? Mr. Rabbit knows it well.


Queen: As for me I know Math.


Girl (writing at the blackboard): How much is six multiplied by six?


Queen: Six times six is eleven. Mr. Rabbit, is it OK?


Rabbit (sadly): OK, Your Majesty.


Girl (writing): Multiply eight by eight, please.


Queen: Three.


Girl:  It’s awful!


Queen: And I know Biology very well.


Girl: Then answer, when do snowdrops appear in the forest?


Rabbit (whispers): In April.


Queen: Snowdrops? Of course, in December, because snow falls in December.

Snowflakes dance.


Girl: You are wrong. It’s impossible. Snowdrops blossom in April.


Queen: OK. I want April now. I like snowdrops very much. I have never seen them.


Rabbit: April will come soon. You have to wait only three months or 90 days.


Queen: 90 days! But I can’t wait! Tomorrow we are going to have Christmas party. I want to have snowdrops for this party.


Rabbit (sadly): Your Majesty, you can’t break the law of Nature.

It’s winter now….

Music (winter) (slide “Winter”)


Rabbit: Then comes spring with the first snowdrops…

Music (spring) (slide “Spring”)


Rabbit: After spring comes bright summer….

Music (summer) (slide “Summer”)


Rabbit: And then comes golden autumn with a lot of fruit and vegetables

Music (autumn) (slide “Autumn”)


Queen: I’ll promulgate a new law of Nature! Mr. Rabbit! Sit down and write! I’ll dictate to you. “The grass is green.

The sun is bright.

There are a lot of flowers in our forest. Bring a basket of snowdrops to our palace for our Christmas party! “A full basket of gold is awaiting you!” Chancellor!

Chancellor comes.


Queen:  Proclaim my order!


Chancellor: But Your Majesty…


Queen: This is my order!

Lights go down.


In the forest. (slide “Winter forest”).

It’s freezing.

Mr.Rabbit and The Girl are standing and hesitating in which direction to go.


Rabbit: Let’s go this way. Frosty the famous Snowman lives here. I hope he can help us.


Girl: I am so tired. I’m so cold. What’s the use of looking for snowdrops in winter.

(Голос за сценой): Isn’t it  incredible to look for snowdrops in winter?


Girl: Certainly it is. Am I going mad?

(Lights go down. Music)

In the forest.

Lights go up. The Girl and Mr. Rabbit are going through the forest.


Frosty the Snowman (appears): Who called me?       

The girl and Mr. Rabbit run to him.


Rabbit: Frosty the Snowman, we are so glad to see you. Can you help us to find snowdrops.


Snowman: Snowdrops? What a strange idea! What strange presents do people want to have at Christmas!


Girl: But we need snowdrops very much.


Snowman: You need a real magician, you need Santa.


Girl: Where is he? Tell us, please, we are in a hurry.


Snowman: He is very busy now, he is preparing Christmas gifts for children. That’s why nobody should disturb him.


Girl and Mr. Rabbit: What should we do?


Snowman: OK, if you guess my riddles, I’ll show you the way.


Girl: We’ll try and I think children will help us (to the audience). Will you help us to guess the riddles?


Snowman: (слайдыподсказки к загадкам)

It’s blue by night,
By day it’s white.
It is cold and not dry,
It falls from the sky. (Snow)


Fat and gay, on a winter day,
He came here with us to stay.
But day by day he grew sad and thin,
And so we brought his younger brother in. (A calendar)


In winter and in summer
They stand in one colour. (A fir-tree and a pine)


This is the season
When children ski
And Santa brings
The bright Christmas tree. (Winter)


Snowman: Let’s go that way. I’ll follow you, you can lose yourselves. (They are going away).

Music. Song “Christmas is coming..” (Учащиеся 5 класса поют песню)        

Christmas is coming
The goose is getting fat
Please, to put a penny
In an old man’s hat
Please to put a penny
In an old man’s hat.
If you have no penny
A half-penny can do
If you have no half-penny
Then God bless you.


(Lights go down. Music)

Chorus. Song “Rudolf the Red-Nose Reindeer”. (Учащиеся  7 класса поют песню)

Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer 
Had a very shiny nose.
And if you ever saw it
Used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Rudolf
play in any reindeer games.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve 
Santa came to say,
"Rudolf with your nose so bright,

you would even say it glows.
All of the other reindeer

Won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

Then how the reindeer loved him,
As they shouted out with glee:
"Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer,
you'll go down in history!"


Santa Claus is coming with his bag.


Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho!


All: Santa, hello!


Santa: Hello, my dear kids! How are you?

Here I am. I’ve got a lot of presents for you: a new nose for Rudolf, a new broom for Snowman, a basket of snowdrops for the Queen and lots and lots of presents for everybody!

 The clock strikes.


Santa: Christmas is coming! I’ll make all your wishes come true.

Song “We wish you a Merry Christmas…” (All participants).(2 класс) 4 куплета)

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year!